MODEL 2251
Professional Studio Monitor
   MODEL 2251 is the professinal studio monitor/speaker system which was developed for small control room and editing. Based on the design philosophy of models 2401 twin and 2402, we pursued the sound quality for wide musical selections, higher resolving capacity, clear stability and excellent reaction. Also the levels of durability and the reliability satisfy the professional's use. Specifications units to be used: TL-1102, TD-2002, TH-2002.

TAD TL-1102 Low Frequency Loudspeaker:
  Woofer of model 2251 is installed with TAD TL-1102. Oscillation plate is a compound cone of which the main material is natural pulp with our unique aging process. It is laminated with a special film and applied with a special controlling paint coating. Light weight and durable, you will see almost no deterioation. The principals of the magnetic circuit is an internal magnetic system with our alnico magnet which can reduce the 2nd high tone wave curve. We set the magnetic point lower so that it can control the sensitivity loss by magnetic power reduction. For transmission of driving power, we combined the yoke and plate in the magnetic circuit by a special molding method and by attaching a center pole to the yoke, this improves the strength of the magnetic circuit by 4 times.

TAD TD-2002 High Frequency Driver:
  For our TAD TD-2002 compression driver we use a light weight and durable beryllium diaphragm. The TD-2002 also employs our alnico magnet(which provides 20,000 gausses magnetic flux)and delivers large zone reproductivity and excellent linearity. Phasing plug will prevent blurriness for sound wave phase, we've also used a circular slit shape to control the phase in extremely high zone.

TAD TH-2002 Apaxial Horn:
  The TH-2002 controls the directional by using our wave phase control technique. The directional angle is 60 degress horizontal and 30 degrees vertical and is well suited for a small capacity monitor room. The APAXIAL method, our asymetrical horn offers smooth output sound pressure characteristics and aggressive vertical directional control. This design controls the influence of reflections from the edge of enclosure and ceiling to stabilize the position. AFAST(acoustical Filter Assisted System Tuning)is used to control horn resonance; This filter prevents sound blurriness caused by pitch through absorption properties and provides a much clearer sound reproduction.

Speaker Components

  • TL-1102 low frequency loudspeaker
  • TD-2002 high frequency compression driver
  • TH-2002 high frequency horn


Impedence 8ohm
Reproduct. Freq. Zone 32-25,000 Hz
Input Capacity Max 500W
Output Sound Pressure Level 93db
Max Output Sound Pressure Level 120db(1m)
Crossover Frequency 950Hz
Shell Size 450(W)x650(H)x450(D) (including grill, enclosure depth 420mm)
Weight 47kg